CARA PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT LIMITED Strategies within Segregated Managed Accounts


CARA PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT LIMITED is pleased to announce a comprehensive solution for individual investors and partnering RIAs, Financial Planners and Wealth Managers. Clients directly access our portfolios via individual, segregated accounts they hold at Interactive Brokers (IB). In our three-party agreements with the client and IB, our company manages trading activity only. In no case do we have control of client assets. We also provide low cost advisory services to partnering fund managers that use their own choice of broker and custodian service.


For interested investors, this tripartite agreement structure offers several important advantages:


– For U.S. investors using Interactive Brokers, IB’s depository bank is Citibank New York. For European, Latin American and Asian investors, client funds are held at Citibank London or Frankfurt. Client money remains in the client’s personal account. No commingling of your money.


– Unlike typical high-end wealth management firms that have a minimum $250,000 or $500,000 investment requirement, we accept individual accounts of any size because we have the tools to manage them.


– Extremely cost-efficient investment solution:

    • No costs to set-up, nor to maintain an account at IB*
    • No Front-End or Back-End fees
    • No performance fees for any investor type (qualified or non-qualified)
    • 1.65% annual management fee for our actively managed strategies
    • Ultra-low trading commissions (under $0.30 / trade). More info available on IB’s

– Free access to all research studies and reports, including all premium publications.


We are delighted to now be able to share our investment strategies with smaller investors, while keeping the total cost for our investors well below those of actively managed portfolios with large institutions. This light cost structure will translate into superior performance for our investors.


Which of our strategy portfolios are appropriate for you? Take a minute to complete our Investor Questionnaire to see if you qualify for our strategies. For inquiries or for help opening an account on-line, feel free to contact us.



For accounts between USD 2,500,000 – USD 5,000,000, the management fee is 1.30%. For accounts above USD 5,000,000 the management fee is 1.15%. The management fee is simply deducted from the portfolios on a pro rata basis throughout the year. There is no direct billing of investors.


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